Saturday, 21 December 2013

I Promise - a huge hit for Christmas

Golden Goose PR prides ourselves on our creative Christmas cards.

Over the years we've appeared as the cast of the Golden Goose pantomime, or written notes attached to goose-shaped baubles.

This year, we posted our closest press friends a case of I Promises, created through our client I Promise.

I Promise is all about sending thoughts, not things - so you can visit the site and personalise promises or choose from popular suggestions, including 'I Promise To Help With The Turkey This Christmas', and 'I Promise We'll Escape for New Year'.

At GGHQ we'd definitely like to hear those promises! And perhaps 'I Promise a shopping spree on my credit card in Harvey Nicks.'

Here's what we sent...

And what a brilliant response we got!

Metro's Vicki Marie Cossar wrote to us to say 'we get a lot of Xmas cards but the one from GG was by far the best. Inventive and interesting. Loved it.So thanks. And Happy Xmas to you all too.'

Equally impressed were Kelly Allen from Star, Laura Cox from the Daily Mail and Amy Nickell from Yahoo! who wrote I LOVE THIS CARD!!!

Here's how beautiful I Promise can look as a Christmas gift...especially lovely when accompanied by a cup of coffee on a wintry morning. Husbands and partners, please take our hint...only £9.95 for three including postage!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Christmas angel for Kivu

A huge thank you to Katie Melua, who has given her time to support ethical fashion, taking part in a photoshoot for Kivu.

Katie modelled Kivu scarves created by Avis Charles, who has worked as a couturier to Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Kane and Victoria Beckham to name but a few

Kivu is an ethical, luxury fashion brand that is truly beautiful inside and out.

The profits raised from the sale of Kivu scarves and couture go to support women in countries devastated by conflict.

For spring/summer 2014, Kivu scarves, sold at Browns on South Molton Street, draw their design inspiration from the deconstructed pavements of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The print is based on the pavements in Sarajevo where mortar bombs landed during the war and left the streets scarred, with marks filled in with red resin that are still there today, called A Sarejevo Rose.

Bosnia is where Women for Women International started 20 years ago and this collection marks two decades of work.

Avis Charles said: “For us, Kivu is not just about purchasing stunning clothing; it is a commitment to making an impact. Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are not simply vague aspirations – nor are they an ‘add-on’ to the line; they lie at the very heart of the brand and all that it stands for.”

From £265, from and Browns, South Molton Street, W1.

It's A Wrap for Christmas!

A perfect start to Christmas. Tree decorated, fridge full of festive fancies. And now, gifts wrapped in Wrag Wrap, our client's luxury, sustainable, beautiful wrap that is made from recycled plastic bottles - with an infinite lifespan and no need for scissors or tape!

We took Nicky Rajska, co-founder of Wrag Wrap, to Bloomberg this morning to show the team how to wrap gifts in a stunning and ethical way.

We're proud to have Wrag Wrap under our trees this Christmas.

Watch Nicky here.

And take a look at this beautiful Christmas shoot by Carrie, from FromConfinedSpace, featuring Wrag Wrap and many other ethical luxuries.

Friday, 29 November 2013

A Rocking Thanksgiving at Honky Tonk


Honky Tonk hosted the biggest and the best Thanksgiving party in London with two rammed restaurants in Clapham and Chelsea selling #RockStarTurkey, a new dish involving a farm-reared bird and a wild and crazy rock and roll kind of roasting.

And before you think we're being rude, here's the recipe:

Get a big fat turkey and dunk it in 4 litres of bourbon mixed with water, Malden sea salt and brown sugar.

Marinade the bird in this overnight.

Roast for four hours.

Serve up with bourbon and honey on the rocks.

Thank you to all our friends including 80's rock star Mark Shaw from Then Jerico who came to feast and give thanks with us.

***We would like to add that the turkey we feasted on was not the turkey in this photo...Bernard the actor turkey has been pardoned and will spend the rest of his days working for Animal Actors, appearing in panto, etc.

Our take on the Harvey Nicks campaign: I'm sorry, I spent it on myself

Our favourite trade mag, PR Week, asked us to comment on the Harvey Nicks ad 'I'm sorry, I spent it on myself' - a truly brilliant and inspired campaign by Adam&eveDDB.

You can read what we said here here.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Revealing Grace & Wilde

This week has seen the launch of Grace & Wilde, the stunning new lingerie label from Geneva which specialises in luxury shapewear.

Designed to be worn as outerwear or underwear, Grace & Wilde is sure to turn heads.

Already we've had a glowing review from Hilary Rose at The Times, who called The Dress 'wonderful'.

Watch this space for more Grace & Wilde experiences from editors and influencers who will be among the first to try the premiere collection.

Anyone wishing to try on Grace & Wilde can pop into Suzannah at 3 New Quebec Street and see how each piece can streamline your shape beneath the most beautiful dresses.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Shooting Rylan - the SodaStream Star - at the Soho Sanctum Hotel

The Golden Goose PR entertainment team has been busy this week holding our official press day for SodaStream Saturday Nights In, kicking off with a photocall with Rylan at the Sanctum Soho hotel.

Rylan, ever the professional, was ready by 9am looking fresh faced and ready to face the swarm of photographers.

After our photocall and a well deserved SodaStream mocktail, we got down to business with Rylan taking part in 14 interviews over the morning - including a live webchat with The Sun.

After our interviews Rylan left for a photoshoot - oh the life of a celebrity! - while we headed back to the office to see all the fantastic coverage as it started coming in.

If you want to watch Rylan’s live webchat with The Sun it can be found here.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Selfridges Christmas Emporium now features beautiful, sustainable Wrag Wrap

This Christmas, there is no excuse to wrap gifts in 8,000 tonnes of waste paper.

Golden Goose PR client Wrag Wrap Wrag Wrap, creator of sustainable luxury gift wrap, now sells its classic collection exclusively at Selfridges in its new Christmas emporium.

Louise Oldridge and Nicky Rajska, creators of Wrag Wrap are personally appearing at Selfridges over the weeks leading up to Christmas to show people how stylish and easy it is to ‘Wrag Wrap’ their gifts.

This personal festive wrapping workshop has got to be the ultimate man wrap solution for those who confess that present wrapping is a task that leaves them in a state of confusion.

The wonder behind Wrag Wrap - created with recycled plastic bottles - is that each product can be used time and again: given as part of the gift, so that the recipient can use it when they next have a present to give.

Selfridges is the first and only London department store where Wrag Wrap will be available this Christmas.

Our Wednesday night out launching SodaStream Saturday Nights In

It was a sparkling night for all of us at Golden Goose PR when we launched SodaStream's Saturday Nights In at Whiteleys, with Shelley Smith, Lorna Simpson, Miss Dynamix, Gail Porter and Rylan Clark.

Big Brother and X Factor sensation Rylan was not only the host of the party, but he is the face of SodaStream’s Saturday Nights In, a new campaign designed to get the nation conjuring up creative cocktails with the help of the world's favourite fizzy drinks machines.

To celebrate the launch, Rylan and his celebrity pals were treated to a Wednesday night out, complete with the opening of a new SodaBar pop-up at Whiteleys, Bayswater.

As guests sipped SodaStream cocktails and mocktails, including Moscow Midnight, Holly-Days, Little Star and Pink-On-The-Rocks, Rylan jumped behind the bar to pump up his very own cocktails: the Rylan Passiontini, a cheeky vodka number and the Rylan Soda Sorbet mocktail.

Rylan said: “I love parties and cocktails, what better opportunity to get my showbiz friends together than to celebrate my partnership with SodaStream”.

Presenter and impressionist Francine Lewis, TOWIE’s very own Bobby Cole-Norris and Big Brother’s Dexter Koh were also at the party sipping on SodaStream delights.

Friday, 20 September 2013

An Alibi for those queueing for the new iPhone 5

As if Rupert didn’t have enough on his plate escorting 10 of the hottest women in town about London (job of the week: managing THE ROAR’s media tour of the capital – the cheerleaders for the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team), he found time to visit the devoted masses in the queue for the latest iPhone 5, bringing them chilled cans of Alibi health drink to revitalise them during their epic wait.

With 19 vitamins and minerals in every can, including natural immunity defence ingredient Wellmune Beta Glucan, the queue perked up so much, tweeting pictures and thank yous as they passed the time, that they were soon targeted by even more PR agencies following our lead.

Raring to go with THE ROAR

What a week it’s been at GGPR. We’ve been #LovingLondon with THE ROAR, the cheerleaders for the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team, as they launch their 2014 lingerie calendar and celebrate The Jags’ commitment to playing four home games in London; starting next month when they go head to head with the San Francisco 49ers at Wembley.

With pom poms at the ready, we journeyed with our cheerleaders across the city, taking them from Capital Radio and Choice FM to Radio One, Yahoo and to film a live Daily Mail online piece outside Battersea Power Station. We even held a photoshoot outside Big Ben with the Evening Standard’s Jeremy Selwyn - one of the most viewed and talked about pictures of the day – before heading to the square mile to surprise the lucky staff at Barclays and the Gherkin who were among those who had won surprise visits from THE ROAR as they Cheered Up London.

And did they ever stop? Not for a moment. As soon as the night drew in, it was time to cast off their famous white hotpants and jaguar print tops to don cocktail dresses for London Fashion Week parties, where the girls were interviewed by Fashion TV and papped on every red carpet.

THE ROAR are now back in Florida but it’s just a matter of weeks until they’re back to choose 32 junior ROAR from every London borough to dance with them at the Tailgate party at Wembley Stadium on the 27th of October, followed by their first major game in the capital.

We’re counting down the days until the big game at Wembley.

See you soon ladies

And Go Jags!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

slow time is here!

slow time is here

PR people have got to be pretty efficient at meeting deadlines. So what are we doing launching a slow watch?

The idea, created by Chris Noerskau and Corvin Lask, is to bring time keeping back to basics. Forget the seconds, forget the minutes. Just watch the hour hand as it moves across a 24-hour dial, and you’ll begin to enjoy a slower pace of life, where the day has a natural flow.

We’ve all been wearing one and so far, we’re loving it. Who starts meetings at 9.08, or 3.17?

Not us!

Check out our favourite from the new slow watch collection. All priced £190-£230, Swiss-made, with quartz movement, 100m water resistant, stainless steel.

What head turners they are - and already in the Evening Standard trend watch spot!


Tuesday, 2 July 2013 appears on Lorraine

Greg Hodge, the outspoken CEO of appeared on Lorraine this morning defending the site and its latest product launch: a recruitment service to match good looking people to jobs.

If anyone supports this or objects, drop an email to the publicity office on – they want to hear your thoughts!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Matt Roberts leads new government initiative to tackle childhood obesity

A growing area of governmental concern that regularly makes the headlines is childhood obesity.

Golden Goose PR client Matt Roberts, is one of the UK's leading fitness and nutrition experts, counting David Cameron among his clients.

Working together, a new scheme has been launched, looking to improve sports education in schools and assessing the impact this has on physical and intellectual wellbeing.

The research has triggered the government to ring-fence £9,000 of funding for proper physical training in each school.

The goal is to train teachers and pupils - so that teachers themselves can lead the most beneficial physical education classes for 20 minutes per day.

Currently the project is being trialled with Lewisham council, with 14 classes participating over a six-week period.

We invited BBC London to film Matt training teachers and pupils in Lewisham.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Secrets from the HOM lounge

It's a tough job, but someone has to run a press room at the HOM lounge during Men's Fashion Week, so that is exactly what our fashion team did.

We were there for our client, the UK's leading fitness and nutrition expert, Matt Roberts. Matt and his team were on hand to offer male models nutrition and health advice, including fitness tips to help keep a toned and athletic body. Healthy food was on hand from Nama, the raw food experts.

The team devised a great quick workout formula that we will share with you...

Top 10 Tips for male models (and those aspiring to be!)

1. Drink 100ml of water per hour throughout the day. Drinking consistently little by little will help promote a good metabolism, keeping you constantly hydrated and helps to burn fat

2. When on-the-go try and cut out any refined or processed carbs such as pasta and bread, as these products can disturb the natural digestion and can cause bloating. Eat lots of fresh green vegetables (full of antioxidants) and protein good for skin and hair

3. Only see fruit as a treat for a rare indulgence this is due to the high sugar content. For a natural sugar kick before a work-out pick up an apple or pear to help increase blood circulation

4. Avoid sugary foods and drinks, as these can make you slump in energy causing poor food choices

5. Squats and lunges will help with increasing growth hormones in your body. Making your upper body overall bigger including back chest and arms and this will improve overall metabolism to burn fat and promote a better all-round physique

6. Press-ups with arm extensions will train chest and arms, giving a natural upper body physique, while improving posture and back flexibility

7. Even out and stretch the mid back and shoulders by doing the Lying cobra. This will even-out posture and widens the back. Start by lying on your front with arms flat out, slowly raise arms out in front, in a Y shape position while looking up a stretching holding for one second. Repeat 10-12 reps

8. Resistance bands work by creating more tension on the muscles as the range of motion increases. Start by standing on both feet (or one depending on difficulty) shoulder width a part and raise arms to desired work out

9. McGill sit ups can help improve all round core abs separating lower left and right abs. Lie on your back with one leg bent and the other straight, place your hands under the arch of your lower back to support. Keep elbows slightly off the floor and slowly sit up half way without letting your feet raise off the floor. Repeat 10-12 reps each side

10. Get a good 8 hours of sleep to help aid recovery and promote appearance of skin

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The video that won us our Gold Lion

Thank you to everyone for so many kind messages, tweets and calls to congratulate us on winning a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions this year.

We wanted to show you the video that helped us win this award.

Monday, 17 June 2013

We won a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity!

We are delighted to announce that our work for Sea Containers throughout the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has won a Gold PR Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year.

When we had the idea to create the largest jubilee tribute - using a photo from the silver jubilee - we knew we were going to cause excitement.

Through our media relationships, we explained the site is being developed into luxury offices and a Tom Dixon designed hotel. Getting the story out there to accompany the picture took weeks of outreach and live social media updates.

All of this was done by a team of four hard-working PR people, turned around in six weeks from concept to completion.

To Miki, Harriet, Zoe and Katie we say WELL DONE!!!!!

As for our fellow finalists…last year, PR Week raised the question that PR could be losing its creativity, with a lack of big ideas entered in 2012. This year, the shortlisted campaigns, including Unity’s Schwopping, Weber Shandwick’s Energy of the Nation and Hill & Knowlton’s David Beckham Photo Booth are examples of incredible PR that really got people talking.

We are so proud to have won.

And we are particularly proud to have been shortlisted among agencies we admire for campaigns that show what great PR brains really can do.

Golden Goose PR wins Alibi health drink

Alibi health drink is the latest client to come on board at Golden Goose PR.

With 19 vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts included, there is no other drink like this on the market and we're excited to be launching our publicity campaign this summer.

Already, we have Alibi in the HOM lounge at Men's Fashion Week, together with our client Matt Roberts - and at the launch events for Not On Our Watch, the humanitarian charity founded by Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, David Pressman, Jerry Weintraub and Don Cheadle.

Bip Bows seen on Cara Delevingne!

Golden Goose PR introduced our fashion client Mercy Delta to the fashion icon, blogger and DJ Bip Ling this year, knowing that a collaboration between the two could be a real possibility.

We'd read that Bip wanted to launch her own range of Bip Bows and what better label than Mercy Delta?

Mercy Delta founder and designer Katie Lightfoot and Bip have hit it off, creating the first set of Bip Bows that have now been seen on supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Good luck at Glastonbury!

It's festival season, and with our fair share of sustainable clients from Eco-Age and Invicta Plastics to Wrag Wrap, we had an idea.

Why not send the Wrag Wrap team to Glastonbury to collect discarded tents, and create luxury recycled gift wrap - the way that Wrag Wrap does best!

This is exactly what Nicky and Lou will be doing after the festivities this weekend.

With 3,000 tents being dumped at festivals across the UK this year, that's a lot of gift wrap!

Monday, 10 June 2013 recruitment service goes global has caused yet another global storm with its latest service for members: a recruitment agency, based on their belief that employers wish to hire good looking staff.

Please don't think we agree with the site's principles: we do however handle all press, crisis matters and media relations globally for the site and we've had a great deal of interest - as always - from tv and newspapers the world over.

We're currently preparing for a morning TV show appearance...(not us, we've not got enough time to spend as long as we'd need to in hair and make-up...). But watch this space!

Friday, 17 May 2013

We're in Cannes with Eco-Age, launching Chopard's Green Carpet Challenge Collection

The Golden Goose PR fashion team has flown to glamorous Cannes to reveal the first ever sustainable high jewellery collection by Chopard, in partnership with Eco-Age and Livia Firth.

Together, Chopard and Eco-Age have launched ’The Journey’, a commitment to sustainable luxury, and this new collection is the first of its green carpet pieces.

For the very first time, the pieces have been set in sustainably sourced Fairmined gold from artisanal community mines in South America, supported by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) – a Colombia based charity and developer of the Fairmined standard - and use diamonds from mines certified to the high standards of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), sourced from IGC Group.

Chopard, by working alongside Eco-Age GCC and ARM, will help transform the lives of artisanal and small scale gold miners in South America and protect the natural resources and wildlife they depend

Our very own Harriet Vocking is helping to spread the word about the new collection along with Livia Firth and the Eco-Age team tonight.

We are excited to add that Harriet is dressed head-to-toe in Suzannah couture and about to board a luxury yacht for a very special soiree...

Watch this space!

Proving that self storage can live up to its name, Golden Goose PR together with our clientAccess Self Storage launched a social media campaign this week with a short film showing two python-suited female contortionists Pixie Le Lott and Oohla Lowri cavorting in a 6ft locker.

Apparently, they're not the most unusual item stored. The company cites live fish, cut grass and 1,000 right foot shoes as their most bizarre requests.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Golden Goose PR puts our water wings on to launch London Baby Swim

It's been quite a week of events at Golden Goose PR.

We're still drying ourselves down from the launch of London Baby Swim, the new baby and toddler swimming centre in Wandsworth.

While gyms and health clubs offer swimming classes to babies and children in their early years, until the launch of London Baby Swim, no other sites were purpose built for swimming lessons and water fun specifically for babies ranging from six weeks up until four years of age.

The Wandsworth London Baby Swim centre is the second site in the UK. The first, in Osterley, already attracts more than 700 families each week.

With one baby, four toddlers and two children between us we're booking ourselves lessons now...

Celebrating the new Suzannah boutique

This week we've been busy launching Suzannah’s new West London boutique at 3 New Quebec Street, W1.

Spread over two floors, the new shop houses all of Suzannah’s collections – from bridal and cocktail, to her famous tea dresses, worn by style icons from the young royals and Jasmine Guinness, to pop diva Paloma Faith.

As well as rows of modern, vintage couture inspired dresses cut from premium Italian silks, the Suzannah boutique also sells striking headwear - perfect for the British social season - from milliners Edwina Ibbotson ,Gina Foster and Emily Baxendale.

To complete her immaculate style from head to heel, Suzannah is now in collaboration with Emmy shoes for bridal and ready-to-wear.

The new Suzannah boutique is located at 3 New Quebec Street, W1H 7RE.

We're already loving this week's Grazia which has selected one of our favourite Suzannah dresses as a perfect look for a country wedding.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Launching the world's first 100% recycled plastic cup - the coverage continues!

It's wonderful to be able to launch a product or discovery that is genuinely a first-to-market.

It's even better when the invention is 100% sustainable and a giant step in the direction of greener, earth friendlier living.

For that reason, we're proudly cheering on our client, Invicta Plastics Ltd, the British design and mould specialist that invented the plastic ruler, the first ever pop memorabilia (for The Beatles and The Hollies) and the fake pearl. Because Invicta has beaten global competition to create the world’s first rigid, food-safe products from 100% recycled plastic bottles (PET), lids and milk cartons (HDPE).

The breakthroughs have taken almost four years of research and millions of pounds of investment in the new technology and we've been announcing this over the past week with some brilliant articles in the Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, The Independent and the 'i'.

With Invicta's incredible discoveries, any brand can now consider using high quality recycled plastics before virgin polymers for a very wide range of product manufacturing - watch this spot for more announcements and partnerships.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

We're on the front page!

Thrilled to see our Sea Containers campaign marketing the PR Week Awards 2013. Here's to more great PR moments!

Friday, 22 February 2013

A busy day for DNA at Who Do You Think You Are? Live

London's Olympia was packed out today with men and women of all ages tracking their family histories for the first day of the annual genealogy exhibition Who Do You Think You Are? Live .

Greg Wallace was among the guests speaking about his adventures into ancestry, and over the weekend we'll be joined by actress Samantha Womack and former England and Liverpool football player John Barnes.

Culture Compass's Loma-Ann Marks was among the press at the exhibition today, meeting up with the My Heritage and Love To Learn teams, whilst discovering facts about her past.

And of course, there were those who couldn't resist taking the ginger gene test...a DNA revelation that was covered across the national media only weeks ago.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pop-up operas and silver screen flirting

It's Valentine's Week, which means we've been very creative planning campaigns for clients including flirting coach Jean Smith and The Bentall Centre, one of the leading shopping destinations in the UK according to The Sun newspaper in December!

Tonight, Jean kicks off her new workshop and seminar, 'Flirt Like A Silver Screen Siren' at the London Film Museum, which has had some great previews in ES Magazine and Metro.

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, Mae West, Greta Garbo, Katherine Hepburn and Bette Davis, Jean Smith has created an inspiring talk to show women how the original Hollywood goddesses captivated audiences – as well as the many men who fell in love with them.

Jean also runs ‘Flirting and Walking tours’ in London, with her next tour taking place on February 15th at 6:45pm, from the foyer of the National Portrait Gallery.

And as if we need more romantic inspiration, we've already seen the incredible performers from the Pop-Up opera company tread the boards...or rather the lower ground floor of The Bentall Centre, surprising shoppers with scenes from love story L’Elisir d’amore.

The performers, decked in aprons and washing up gloves, filled Kingston with song as silent movie style captions played behind them, to the delight of those watching.

Clementine Lovell, director of Pop Up-Opera, said “The unique architecture and acoustics at The Bentall Centre are perfect.
It’s a beautiful building so we were delighted to have the chance to use this space as our stage, and bring our musical story to the shoppers. We’ve performed in many unusual places including boats made of scrap metal and a garlic farm! Here, because the audience was standing so close to us we were able to surprise them, not just with the performance, but also by handing out little romantic gifts”.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Rocking Horse set to rock up Mayfair

This spring, Rocking Horse Mayfair, the newest venture from Mark Alexiou and Mark Cutler, will launch on Conduit Street. Today's brilliant article in the Sunday Times explains what's in store.

Matthew Goodman says of Rocking Horse: One thing they promise — exclusive won't mean stuffy. "It will be a party place. If we're playing Guns N' Roses, you will be on your seat doing air guitar, not sat down having a nice gin and tonic," said Cutler.

It continues: Alexiou and Cutler, who are already planning a second Rocking Horse in New York next year.

Read the full piece here: