Thursday, 23 April 2009

Blow The Budget

On the 22nd of April 2009 there were three topics on the media's lips. The Budget. Earth Day. And the launch of the World's Most Expensive Suit. We weren't responsible for Alistair Darling's financial re-jiggery, or a global campaign for environmental responsibilty. But Golden Goose PR was behind the reams upon reams of print, broadcast and online coverage as we counted down to the launch of Alexander Amosu's bespoke luxury suit line.

Our campaign, which had been building up for weeks, involved Lauras Wood and Hind accompanying an armoured Range Rover across the capital on a highly coordinated secret press junket. First stop was CNN, where The Suit (modelled by Alexander Prinz) was paraded and adored. Next stop was BBC Breakfast News, where similar adulation followed (no blue M&M's in non-white dressing rooms for this garment, we can tell you). After its first two broadcast items, The Suit spent a few brief moments with Forbes Magazine, ABC News and The New York Post before heading to its launch party at Apsley tailors of Pall Mall.

Golden Goose PR would like to thank The Telegraph, The Sun, The London Lite, The New York Post, the BBC and numerous radio stations for some truly brilliant coverage - and excitingly, there is much more to come.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Let Them Eat Sushi

Golden Goose PR only had a few hours to offer with Richard Notar, the managing partner at Nobu restaurants worldwide two weeks ago - but we put it to exceptional use and set up a lunch with the Daily Telegraph. The meeting was at Nobu London, where Richard talked about the future for Nobu restaurants and the industry as a whole...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A nod and a link....

Well, it's after midday on the 1st of April, so we can finally reveal our April Fool's prank, created in cahoots with our client, Virgin Active!

Being barking mad for both animals and exercise, the teams at Golden Goose PR and Virgin Active agreed that a timely April 1st story could be the launch of ‘Animal Active’, the UK’s first pet-only gym. Combating animal obesity, this special Animal Active gym would encourage chunky pets to work out on treadmills, lose pounds on paw-plates and even lift a few heavy chum-bells. In reality, although there will be no Animal Active gym in the near future, the release did in fact give some really helpful and responsible tips to animal owners wishing to check if their pet is overweight, along with preventative measures.

Our plan was to generate some stand out pictures, plus some action shots, a release outlining the plans, a quote from Sir Richard and some tips on how to spot if your pet is overweight. We also knew that video would be key to our wipeout online strategy and so set to work on a cheeky viral too. This combination proved a winning formula and we are really grateful to our friends at Fox News, ABC America, The Sun Online, The Telegraph Online, The Times Online, Metro Online, Yahoo, Closer Magazine Online, Glam Media, The Mirror Online, t5m and last but not least, for playing along – and we hope that even though this was a spoof, a few more of our four legged friends might get some exercise this week off the back of the story.

Paper and Print

The team at Golden Goose PR is extremely fond of interior design, so it is with delight that we are embarking on a PR drive to decorate the nation's walls with Bloompapers. A new online supplier of wall art, Bloompapers is all about colour, style and creativity and it works with contemporary European artists, whose designs are used as the basis for each print. There's an eclectic mix, ranging from playful cartoon robots and sketches of the female silhouette, to typography and striking photographs of the natural world. Some of our favourites are Billboard by Blue Perez, a British photographer and devoted traveler, who creates art, illustration and stock imagery from light, pixels, paint and imagination. We also love this tree silhouette by Oona Culley, whose shadow installations are displayed in Terminal Five. Bloompapers has something to fit any style and space, bringing walls to life with an original work of art.

On the Bloompapers site, you'll also see Bloom Images, including graphic design, photography and illustration from the iconic New York skyline and Union Jack to fresh bread and orchids. Bloom Wallpaper is an imaginative selection of patterns to bring a touch of inimitable cool.

With the nation in a seemingly permanent state of doom and gloom, wallpaper is back on the scene and Bloompapers has arrived to help us fall back in love with the walls around us.

Right! Enough gushing. We're off to commission some Golden Goose PR wallpaper of all our favourite's just as well we're in a very tall building with a lot of blank wall space....