Monday, 20 February 2012

Let the Big Egg Hunt begin!

We at Golden Goose PR love to get excited about the Easter Bunny...but this year we are particularly excited about the Easter Penguin.
Let us explain!
Today, 200 giant decorated eggs are released into the capital - each decorated by incredible designers and personalities, from Vivienne Westwood and Faberge to Bombass & Parr and our very own jewellery client, Robinson Pelham. All have been placed in secret locations as part of the Big Egg Hunt, a brilliant way to raise funds and awareness for Action For Children and Elephant Family.
Vanessa Chilton, creative director at Robinson Pelham, had given birth just weeks before when she started work on Robinson Pelham's egg, designing a giant male Emperor Penguin, nestling his partner's egg under his belly and away from the frosty ground. The Robinson Pelham egg is decorated with sparkling crystals, each adorning the back of the penguin and reflecting the night's sky.
With 200 remarkable eggs to spot as you travel around London, it's a fun challenge to see how many you can spot, and to see where you can find them.
You can find out more about the Big Egg Hunt right here on or

The event is set to smash Guinness
World Records for the most participants in an Easter egg hunt and the world’s
most expensive chocolate egg.
Good luck P-p-p-picking out the penguin!

Larry Lamb gets ready for Who Do You Think You Are Live?

The week of our annual genealogy show, Who Do You Think You Are Live, actor Larry Lamb tells Metro about his quest to find out more about his family history. We at Golden Goose PR are
big fans of the Lamb family, and look forward to meeting more of them if we can help to trace further hidden ancestors!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Feeling The Force with MediCinema

Golden Goose PR has been to many parties, but never before have we spent the evening in the company of Darth Vader, Darth Maul, various Sandmen, C3P0 and an R2D2 unit.
At the MediCinema inaugural Star Wars dinner and quiz at the Park Lane Hilton, we did just that.
The event was the first major MediCinema fundraiser by the charity's new CEO Stephen Moore, former CEO of Twentieth Century Fox.

Dougie and Tom from McFly, Warwick Davis, Edith
Bowman, Alex Zane, Vanessa Feltz, Linda Lusardi and Anneka Rice joined us on the night.
Sci fi fans bid on Star Wars original light sabres and Jedi fighting classes at Elstree Studios under Star Wars stunt master Nick Gillard. Brian May’s electric guitar was also one
of the auction attractions, going for £6,000 to the London Film Museum.

One seven year old little boy, Uzayr Haider, who has recently had a kidney transplant and was able to recover at a MediCinema hospital helped to single-handedly raised 10k for MediCinema through a special auction lot for Spiderman 4 premier tickets.

Edith Bowman, who hosted the night with Alex Zane arrived dressed as Princess Leia in £15,000 of glittering Robinson Pelham brown and yellow diamonds jewellery.
We'd like to thank our friends at CyberCandy for the generous donation of mini tins of Star Wars mints for the party, as you can see a favourite with Dougie McFly who undoubtedly missed confectionary whilst in the jungle.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do YOU Think You Are? It’s easy to find out!
Golden Goose PR is handing all media once again for Who Do
You Think You Are? LIVE. The 2012 event opens at Olympia on 24th
February and in advance of visiting enthusiasts taking in the exhibitors,
seeing celebrity speakers from the BBC version of the show up close and talking
to the genealogy experts we’ve been busily placing feature items in the media
and across the consumer chat shows.

Antiques Roadshow regular Eric Knowles today appeared on
ITV1’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show and discussed his role in the show where he’ll
be returning as the onsite Heirloom Detective helping visitors trace the roots
of their family treasures.

He was also joined on screen by Jan, a WDYTYA? LIVE previous visitor and family history enthusiast who’d written into WDYTYA’s website to take part in the feature on the show.

Eric traced back the originality of a clock she had inherited from her great grandfather who’d been given the clock as a gift in 1890.

Though the clock turned out to be worthless, its memories remain priceless.

WDYTYA? LIVE opens on 24th February
and you can buy tickets at: