Tuesday, 27 October 2009

BeautifulPeople.com...the morning after!

The world's biggest network of beautiful people has now been live for 24 hours and the site has been getting 3 million plus hits an hour! The volume of new members has gone through the roof.

PR continues to be a huge success. BeautifulPeople.com is the second highest search on MSN.com today and is prominently featured on Yahoo, Canada.com and Reuters. On Sunday, The Times in India has confirmed a feature on the site in their hugely popular lifestyle magazine.

Monday, 26 October 2009

BeautifulPeople.com goes global!

Today, BeautifulPeople.com goes global - becoming the biggest network of beautiful people in the world - and Golden Goose PR is running the global press office.

To say that our phones haven't stopped ringing is a bit of an understatement! A pre-launch global exclusive ran as a full page in the Sunday Times yesterday, and today we've had some brilliant coverage in the Daily Mail, the dailymail.co.uk and the telegraph.co.uk as well as media interviews with BBC 2's Chris Evans Show, Talk Radio, 7 Days in Dubai, La Gazette in Berlin, Radio WM and live debate on Loose Women.

Tomorrow, Greg Hodge, MD and Robert Hintze, site creator, appear live on Belgian TV News and on Wednesday, their interview with the Arabian News network will reach 50 million people on the other side of the world.

The interest in BeautifulPeople.com continues to be phenomenal, with coverage for the global launch already eclipsing the UK and US launches managed by GGPR in 2005. Watch this beautiful space for more head turning media hype....!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Six days til Halloween...

Six days to go til Halloween...and if you haven't ordered your fancy dress outfit you may want to visit Woolworths.co.uk and purchase a cheeky little Bridezilla number. We have one in the office and it has been a particular favourite...we also discovered that The Sun and The Independent rather liked it!

And of course we had to pop up at the pop-up...

If you've been following our pink ribbon activity with Samsung, then you'll know it didn't all end with our high tea at the Westfield London.

For three days after the event, Samsung and Inca Productions kept the pink ribbon spirit alive with a pop-up garden and information centre devoted to breast cancer care inside the atrium of the Westfield.

Samsung pink ribbon netbooks were wired up in the garden with breast cancer experts ready to walk women through the pink ribbon community that had been created by Samsung online. Basketfuls of pink ribbon presents were given to visitors to choose from when they made donations and pledges and everyone was served free flower teas and cakes.

An example of a pink ribbon pledge is pictured above. It's not just about fundraising, it's about helping to spread the word. Back at Golden Goose HQ, we've been busy doing exactly that. Laura Wood posted pink postcards to all of her friends asking them to check their breasts and Miki Haines-Sanger wrote all of her emails in pink on October 15th. Between Laura Hind, Felicity, Remy, Katie and our other ever enthusiastic team members there were gestures of pink underwear wearing, pink cake baking, pink lipgloss wearing and pink ribbon marathon participation but we'll let you guess who opted to do what!

Painting the Westfield Pink with Samsung

We've barely had a moment to blog since the 15th of October, when Golden Goose PR supported Samsung at its very first European Breast Cancer Awareness Day.
The day was a celebration of 10 months of fund and awareness raising by Samsung Electronics for European breast cancer charities - with a total of $2m being presented to a host of European Breast Cancer organisations by Samsung Electronics Europe president and CEO, Mr S H Shin.

To create a magical setting for the occasion, Golden Goose PR worked with Inca productions who made all of our visions a reality. The idea we had hatched with the Samsung team in April was to throw a garden themed afternoon tea; with trees, birdsong and pink pledge ribbons tied round tall branches. Inca made all of this happen in a truly wonderful way and through their relationship with the Westfield London, we found the perfect venue - not only for the celebrity and media high tea, but for a Samsung Pink Ribbon Pop-Up to open to the public for three days after the event.

When the day came round, it felt a bit like a wedding. We'd poured over every detail of media, celebrity, PR and event planning. Pre-event pieces appeared that morning in the Daily Telegraph and the Evening Standard, featuring images of Katherine Jenkins, who was singing at the party and Maria Cesay, one of the eight British women who star in Samsung's breast cancer awareness campaign called 'Everybody's Doing It'. Everybody was buzzing with excitement and anticipation and our phones hadn't stopped ringing with agents asking to add last minute attendees.

As the event started, we were delighted to be able to welcome many high profile breast cancer charity supporters; including Beverley Knight, Jamelia, Camilla Rutherford, Tina Hobley, Olivia Grant, Vanessa Feltz and Caroline Monk. Sky tv presenter Caroline Feraday pledged her time for free to host the high tea and Tina, Camilla and Jamelia came with their young daughters. The atmosphere of giving and sharing at the occassion was like no other.

Backstage, the buzz was just as brilliant as the event itself. Multi media entertainment whizzes t5m were on site to interview our guests about their support of breast cancer initiatives, as was major terrestrial broadcaster, ITV. James and Antonio from JAB captured the most exciting party pics and the ever lovely Richard Young came along to give his support and to shoot the stars.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Making Pink Ribbon history with Samsung in Piccadilly Circus

On Monday the 5th of October, Golden Goose PR shared a moment of advertising history with some remarkable women and Samsung. As part our Morethantalk.eu breast cancer awareness campaign, Samsung had arranged to donate its Piccadilly Circus big screen to show Everybody's Doing It, a brilliant and moving viral featuring eight British women whose lives have been affected by breast cancer.

Four of the ladies in the viral came to meet us under the statue of Eros. They included Amanda Jones, 67, who lost her 33 year old daughter Rebecca to breast cancer; Wendy Evans-Scott, 46, who has successfully recovered from the disease; Emily Holt, 29, who was diagnosed in 2008 and Maria Cesay, 32, who has breast cancer in her family.

At 11am, shielding themselves with pink umbrellas from a curtain of torrential rain, Amanda, Wendy, Emily and Maria braved a 40 minute photocall. Our skilled photographer battled against the elements to capture a series of happy shots that we syndicated to the national press.

As the pictures were taken, LBC and Capital Radio waited patiently under shelter to interview the four women. A later telephone interview was arranged with London's Smooth FM. The PA gave us some great support spreading the word further and we got some lively news plugs on Magic Radio and Heart.

With GMTV mentioning the news that Samsung's breast cancer campaign was making history in Piccadilly Circus and a double page that morning in the Daily Mirror with Emily, Amanda and Lara, the day really couldn't have gone better. But what really made it special was seeing the women in Samsung's video broadcasting their message to London in 60 inch technicolour. So many people stopped, looked up and took in their message. It's been a real privilege to be part of a campaign that has spread breast cancer awareness in such an effective and memorable way.