Monday, 22 September 2008

Flashy in Pink

Never ones to pass up an opportunity, Golden Goose PR's webbed feet hit Oxford Street running when we heard there was an opportunity to get client fujifilm involved with Selfridges infamous ‘Beauty Editors Day’ .

With only a few days to go before the big event (which was in aid of the charity Look Good Feel Good), Account Executive Remy set about achieving the impossible; to ensure that Fujifilm had a branded presence on the store floor and that our client worked with all of the 27 beauty editors from the world’s leading publications including Zest, Cosmo, Stella, OK!, Glamour, Hello and You to ensure that everyone who attended had a truly memorable day.

After working with Selfridges to finalise our clients attendance, we managed to call in sample stock, organise customer gifts, arrange branding and brief a dedicated Fuji-team to wow the visitors on the shop floor with some seriously swish cameras.

Armed with a selection pink FinePix Z20fd and FinePix Z100fd cameras the seven-strong team were able to let customers take away a little memory of their shopping trip. Not only that but by demonstrating the Portrait Enhancer Mode, the portrait pictures taken surpassed many customers' expectations plus they were able to take their pictures home thanks to the Fujifilm IrSimple technology and some strategically placed Fujifilm printers on the shop floor.

By the end of the day we’d snapped hundreds of people and put Fujifilm front of mind of its core target market and media, through some positive brand interaction and a lot of flashy fun! Selfridges was so chuffed with how we were able to add something extra to the day, and in such a short time, they’ve already asked us back to do another event in a few weeks time!

Monday, 15 September 2008

News from 'the Nest'

It’s been a busy week on the news front in the nest, with most of our clients and even us Geese scoring some serious column inches.

Covering a broad spectrum of media; from kids’ classic The Beano (where we even managed to get Dennis the Menace swinging a golf club in support of adventure golf client Jurassic Encounter), through to celebrity bible OK! Magazine where Virgin Active glided in with a full page spread on the latest fitness craze.

Verlocke! also got a hair raising shock too, when we placed their first piece of coverage in More magazine and it had their phones ringing off the hook; with over 250 enquiries within 48 hours of publication! Signing up Rachel Coyle (little sis to Girls Aloud's Nadine) as the face of the brand has certainly paid off with coverage in the News Of the World and

And of course, not afraid of the limelight ourselves, we Geese were quizzed, coiffed and shot at for a feature in The Sunday Times Style about recycling fashion.

Monday, 1 September 2008

A Mayoral Moment

When it comes to die hard fans, there are few that are as devoted to the cause as our Tory-Goose; Ms Hardingham. On hearing that her idol, London Mayor Boris Johnson was walking the streets of High Street Kensington to listen to the voice of the people, it didn’t take two ticks for her to plump her feathers and fly the nest in search of her quarry.

Fighting through the hoards of paparazzo, police and general HSK riff raff, Flick charged on up to the Mayor and politely curtsied *whispering under her breath “I love you Boris”* - then with the determination found in the soul of all good Geese, she thrust a Fujifilm camera into the hands of a nearby copper and asked whether she’d take a picture of them together. At this point most people would smile and say “cheese” however the lovely and demure Flick said quite proudly; “Your hair is my idol”.

A somewhat confused Mayor muttered his thanks before shaking hands and asking for her opinion on the extension of the congestions charge, at which point she thought there were better things to be doing (like writing up this entry onto the news site) so headed back to the office with a very satisfied grin and photo to be framed and mounted on the wall. All in all, a very good start to the month indeed.