Friday, 29 January 2010

PR Week praises campaign

News about our festive fatties campaign for is still as rife as ever. PR Week has dedicated two pages to the subject this week, with some very nice feedback from Deliberate PR. We wanted to share the article with you...

Many a true word. . .

There’s nothing that makes the Geese smile more than seeing their written word in print, especially when the word in question is one they’ve created themselves. It all started with ‘Totler’. Coined by Miki in 2004, the term described Sloane Street it-tots with members’ club mums and became synonymous with children’s restaurant client Blue Kangaroo, whilst being dropped in Sunday Times Style, Tatler, the Daily Mail and London Tonight.

Second was from Cleo who created the bargainista, a word which Grazia picked up to describe a shopper on the hunt for a discount and which TK Maxx is now using in its advertising campaign.

Laura’s Woods ‘smitching’ (the word to describe having a smoke and a bitch) was reported in Sunday Times Style’s coveted barometer - going up of course - and today, in the Wall Street Journal the latest Goose word ‘transforcations’ was the impetus for an article on holistic holidaying, a trend identified by our retreat client Nubeginnings.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Livia Firth lights up L.A with the Luciana eco 'It bag'

The term ‘eco chic’ can sometimes be translated as plain and uninspiring but Livia Firth, the beautiful and super stylish wife of actor Colin Firth continues to prove that this is not the case! A fan of the latest must have eco clutch bag, the ‘Luciana’ from charity Bottletop (available to the rest of us mere mortals from the 15th of Feb from, Livia was spotted sporting the limited edition gold version of the bag, made from recycled ringpulls by a women's collective in Brazil, at this weekend’s Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. Read about it on Livia’s Vogue blog – ‘The Green Carpet Challenge’.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Festive fatties makes The Spectator

Coverage is still pouring in surrounding our story that 5,000 festive fatties were ditched from for indulging in a mince pie too many over the festive season. Japan, Russia and New Zealand are the latest to file the news, while back home in the UK, continues to be a hit with the tabloids. Stories have been appearing alongside the scantily clad blondes gracing the pages of the Star and the Sun and wait a minute…news is just in that we have reached the highbrow read that is the Spectator, the educated man’s answer to heat magazine.

We were excited to read that Toby Young, the Spectator’s revered columnist had a good root around the site – even though he didn’t get voted on. Some cynics could say that his review of the site could be tinged with sour grapes, but we thought it was so brilliant that we had to share it anyway.

Surviving Blue Monday

So the nest and its gaggle of geese survived another Blue Monday – phew!

Known as the most depressing day of the year, Monday 19th Jan passed us by as we eagerly anticipated the second instalment of our new favourite show Glee!

TV schedulers must have decided that Glee, with its sugar coated combination of good-guy teacher, choirs, misfits, sing-along sounds and pack-a-punch script was ripe for a January audience in need of some cheer.

The Sun’s Bizarre, not known for its cheesetastic music taste has bitten the bullet and is hosting exclusive audio content from the show so you can listen in before it airs on E4.

Even Radio 1 is giving it the sign of approval by adding songs to their coveted playlist.

E4 isn’t missing a trick either with downloads of tracks featured available after the show, we know, we’ve done it and now, if anyone enters the office with anything less than a smile on a cold January morning they are forced to sit in Glee corner and sing until they can’t wipe the smirk from their face.

Rumour has it that Hollywood’s finest are battering down the doors of William McKinley High hoping for a piece of the action. Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore and now Jennifer Lopez have apparently showed their interest and Olivia Newton-John is scheduled to do a number with Jane Lynch.

Faced with the prospect of a further six Glee-free days before our next instalment, we will pass the time with Youtube sing-alongs - Jazz hands at the ready.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

NuYear, NuYou

In the battle of the boot camps, our fitness and wellbeing client NuBeginnings started 2010 with a rave review in Marie Claire. NuBeginnings is the UK's only five star wellbeing retreat which promises to help you lose weight by changing your relationship to food.

Marie Claire's critic lost five pounds during five days of pilates, country hikes, accupunture and morish museli. She left feeling refreshed and motivated to keep her pot belly at bay.

Cluuk going up in Style

Over the weekend a flurry of fashionistas, disco dancers and pyjama lovers indulging in Sunday Times Style were transfixed by the latest trend to hit the net.

A new lifestyle bible founded by Kate Moss with tips from Dame Viv? No. The star of our tale is a different breed entirely (and species for that matter).

Cluuk, the Buff Orpington rooster could be found flying high in the barometer alongside Russell Crowe and Lanvin's kitten courts. The feathered fowl is giving away free cash at and there is absolutely no catch. All you have to do is click! Who can say no money pro gratis? Style readers certainly cannot, especially if it can justify another splurge on Net-a-Porter.

On Sunday alone 11,000 happy cluukers made a bid for the treasure resulting in over one million clicks, many tired fingers and a very happy rooster.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

And the thanks keep rolling in...

A few days ago we blogged about our thank you from Trudie Styler for her bottle of /lambda/ olive oil that we sent before Christmas. We now have a thank you from Alexander McQueen! How exciting is that!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Loving the /lambda/

It's always amazing when a celebrity takes time out of their day to say thank you. The Golden Goose nest almost exploded with excitement when we received a letter from Dame Judi Dench thanking us for her Fujifilm digital camera. And now, just today, we received a thank you postcard from Trudie Styler, who received and loved her bottle of /lambda/ olive oil, which we posted to her in time for Christmas.

And what's not to love about this delicious cold pressed olive oil, made with plump, peppery, hand-picked olives from Greece? If it's good enough for Trudie...!

And some very nice words we are very pleased with...

"From's point of view [the Festive Fatties coverage is] a massive home run and score one for the PR professionals in whose direction my hat is tipped."

Not bad for the first week of January! From the Mediablogger.... climbs from strength to strength

As well as receiving countless pieces of hate mail on behalf of our client, Golden Goose HQ has been grateful for the odd spot of praise. We were very interested to receive this graph from today and wanted to share it with you....

Monday, 4 January 2010

Bye bye to the fat 5,000

As if the first Monday of January isn't hard enough, 5,000 former members of woke up today to find they have been turfed off the world's most lookist website.

Their crime was to have piled on the pounds over the festive period. Which isn't a hard thing to do, when you imagine how many slices of yule log, mountains of Christmas cake and gallons of mulled wine we consume to celebrate.

This mercinary culling has provoked mixed reactions on every media platform. We're pleased to see that twitter is rife with reactions, with lively debate off the back of articles written on and the Washington Post.