Thursday, 25 February 2010

This morning at Goose HQ a mad hatter’s tea party took place in celebration of Miki Goose’s imminent arrival. We celebrated with a scrumptious spread of pain-au-chocolat, cakes, muffins and Woolworths alcohol free bubbly all served on a vintage tea set which belonged to Laura’s granny. The Geese were also treated to wonderful homemade brownies by Lizzy which were extremely yummy. After tea we all watched in amazement as Miki hit her pram piƱata with glee (4 more days and counting till our next fix) leading to a shower of sweets over the office floor.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Brando Mott visits the nest

The Golden Geese love nothing more than a friendly visitor, especially when the visitor in question has four legs, a waggy tail and a lovely snuffly nose.

We are of course describing Brando Mott, the extremely handsome canine son of the legendary journalist, Joe.

Brando, Joe and Joe's very gorgeous lady Laura popped in for a cup of tea and a catch up with the team. It turns out that Joe and Laura are helping rescue dogs by walking them every Monday and Joe is busy getting active with some of the UK's leading canine charities. It is one of GGPR's ambitions to work with a pet brand and with friends like Joe, Laura and Brando we are sure we can do a lot of great work! If any brand managers would like to be our pedigree chums, please contact!

Jedward's rock & roll rider

Upon hearing the news that Jedward have a penchant for sugary treats, Golden Goose PR swiftly dispatched 10 kilos of Pic n' Mix from directly to their dressing room for the start of the X Factor tour.

Whereas most bands prefer a large Jack Daniels and coke, the Nation's favourite blonde pop sensation asked for fizzy cola bottles to share with roadies and fans during the first gig at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

The big haired duo are not as demanding as some celebrities. Mariah Carey is rumoured to have asked for puppies and kittens on her rider whereas Lady Gaga prefers a plate of chilled cheese. Brie on ice anyone?

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Behind the big blue doors...

With one of the UK’s leading storage companies as a client we are used to unearthing hidden treasures behind big blue doors and last week was no exception! In preparation for a feature entitled ‘Room without a view’ for the Trends section of the Evening Standard this week, we travelled to Access’s stores in Isleworth and King’s Cross to oversee photo shoots of some of our more unusual case studies; Aideen, a ballet dancer who uses her unit as a studio space and Eddie, a keen musician who visits his storage unit to practice on his piano and guitar. The full page piece, which ran on Monday, provided some more brilliant exposure for Access and has ensured that the phones have been ringing off the hook ever since!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Trumpeters and Lederhosen... just an average day in the GGPR camp!

Last week had us visit once again the wonderful Punch Bowl Tavern in Mayfair for another cracking Comet quiz. Teams from The Daily Telegraph, News of The World, The Press Association and the Evening Standard, as well as presenters Caroline Feraday and Natalie Pinkham all swotted up to pitch their brains in a bid to win the 40” plasma Samsung TV provided by Comet. Funny man Hardeep Kohli Singh quizzed the teams between mini shepherd’s pies and bite-sized chocolate brownies. Visual entertainment was provided courtesy of two Golden Goose PR members who donned some very fancy attire so each team could ‘guess the national dress’. We will leave you to decide which goose was hidden behind the moustache! Team Telegraph claimed the Comet Cup leaving one luck-struck journalist to manoeuvre his new flatscreen down the stairs past a bemused crowd at the bar!