Thursday, 31 December 2009

Counting down to 2010 with the calendar

Less than a month after went global, amassing thousands of pieces of print and broadcast coverage, GGPR mounted a search for 12 very special women.

Our mission: to find a dozen real life beauties who would star in the first calendar.

Our task: to appeal to the members to put their images forward, and then run checks with the site to choose the 12 most popular women, according to hits on their profiles.

This was no easy undertaking, but the end result had the UK's very own Sun online stating 'Sexy calendar is out of this world'!

More coverage will follow as we speak to local media in the US, Hong Kong, Brazil, Denmark and the UK as well as many more countries, for all of our stunning calendar stars.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Fastest finger first

Never one to shy away from a bargain, the Geese's fingers will be clicking onto from 7am tomorrow (24th December) with up to 75% off hundreds of items. The sale includes popular kidswear and homeware as well as electrical goods.

Let the countdown begin.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Has anyone seen our Christmas presents?

Two days to go til Christmas and GGHQ is very delighted to see that our national survey for Access Self Storage has made its way in to O.K! Magazine online with more nationals and regionals set to follow!

Working with Access Self Storage, we revealed that 44% of the nation's parents forget where they hide their Christmas gifts. 43% of parents said their laughable gift-hiding skills often ended up in children finding their presents way before the big day.

If you are worried about where or how to hide your Christmas presents, then Helen Brennan from Access Self Storage gives these tips!

1. Take more time to think about where to hide presents; avoid under beds and under stairs.

2. Send yourself an email reminder of what you’ve put where!

3. Store presents above children’s eye level; keeping them up high up means they are less. likely to come across them whilst rummaging for something else.

4. If you’ve got lots of presents to hide, share a storage unit with family or friends.

Stan and Ollie Snow visit the O.K! Christmas Party!

It's been a crazy Christmas for Stan and Ollie Snow, the snowmen. As well as zooming up to Speke to unload a giant delivery of Go Go Hamsters, which went on sale on Monday, they've been out and about with two giant sacks fulls of gifts, spreading festive cheer to all! On Thursday, they popped in to the Daily and Sunday Mirror offices where they were greeted by the very lovely Dean Piper. At the Mirror, they got to mingle with Sarah Tetteh, Tom Bryant and the 3am ladies, whilst meeting everyone on 'The Ticket' and the fashion and news desks.

On Monday, they were lucky enough to be invited to the O.K! Magazine Christmas party at the Soho Sanctum, by none other than Mark Moody himself. Mr Moody arranged for all the Woolies' gifts that Stan and Ollie brought to be given to The Dream Factory, a charity for children with severe disabilities and terminal illnesses.

While they were at the party, Stan and Ollie got to mingle with Peter Andre, Sinitta and Chantelle Houghton, all of whom requested autographs, naturally!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Cluuking about on the web and the high street....

What have a millionaire rooster and two six foot snowmen got in common? All three are clients of Golden Goose PR...or at least, they are this month, whilst we escort them around the country as their publicists and agents!

Having returned from our trip to Kent with Stan and Ollie Snow (see recent blog!), GGPR was thrilled to hear that a new personality had joined our client rooster. Oops..we mean rosta. And this is none other than Cluuk, a Buff Orpington rooster which, under the entrepreneurial eye of internet business E-invesco is churning out free cash from his former master's estate at

Sound too good to be true? It really isn't. You don't have to register to play, you just visit and hit the 'click to win free cash' button. In an instant, you find out if you are cluucky. If you are, you receive your pay out through Paypal. If you aren't, you are given an immediate invitation to have another free go. The free goes, by the way, are infinite.

To draw attention to this fabulous game where everyone can be a winner, Remy escorted a five foot version of Cluuk to Oxford Street today and together, they dished out fivers, tenners, £20 notes and £50 notes to passers-by. You can imagine the excitement!

Meanwhile, back at the nest, we're suffering from a spot of Clicketycluukitis. We can't stop playing in the hope of becoming the first Cluuk millionaires. Felicity and Laura Lou have both won £5 already.

This time next year, Rodney....

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The beautiful and the damned

Golden Goose PR was very excited to see Remy Le Fevre on GMTV this morning, in his official new role as head of membership for

Remy gave beauty and style tips to GMTV reporter Rebecca Arnold, who had failed to be accepted on to the site. Personally, we think Rebecca is a beautiful woman but we have to say, her make-over, given with Remy's expert advice, makes her look stunning.

What do you think?

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Turning 100 with the 100 year olds

You'd think we were busy enough touring the country with Stan and Ollie Snow, but while one half of the Woolies team has been managing our celebrity snowman campaign, the other has been busy creating 8 x 100 birthdays.

Further to appealing for men and women turning 100 in November to come forward and share their celebrations with the Woolworths brand, eight families got in touch with us. Ishbel, Winnie, Isabella, Leonora, John and Rene were a few of them who sent photos and said they would love to have their party thrown by

Each received bags of pick n' mix for every guest, plus a personalised birthday cake complete with their own photo iced on, as well as party paraphernalia so all their friends and loved ones could have a good time.

All of them shared their memories of the past century with us. From buying their first dolls at the local Woolworths stores, to losing loved ones in the war.

It was a wonderful experience to speak to these special 100 year olds and help them celebrate, thanks to

Delivering a magical Christmas with

For Christmas 2009, Golden Goose PR has been busy managing two bumper-packed celebrity diaries....those of Stan and Ollie Snow, the two snowmen who star in the TV ads.

Stan and Ollie have accepted invitations to switch on Christmas lights in Kings Lynn and Portsmouth and they've even been asked to the O.K! Magazine Christmas Party. The most exciting event in their diary so far however has been driving their very own sleigh to Hawkhurst in Kent, where they visited the home of Debbie and David Weeks.

Debbie and David have four children, eight cats and a big reason to celebrate this Christmas - they've found a miracle cure called the 'Lightning Treatment' that has helped two of their daughters overcome M.E. When Stan and Ollie heard this news, they wanted to make a personal visit with a sack full of presents, all chosen from Debbie's wishlist that she emailed to the site.

It was Golden Goose PR's pleasure to personally escort Stan and Ollie on their mission in a rather large transit van.

From visiting the Weeks family, we whisked our snowmen on to Maidstone to visit the children's ward of Maidstone Hospital with armfuls of toys packed in to Woolies' despatch sacks.

It was a very full, but very rewarding day with a great deal of attention from the local media in Kent. Stan and Ollie are now resting for a few days before they embark on further guest star appearances across the country next week!