Thursday, 31 December 2009

Counting down to 2010 with the calendar

Less than a month after went global, amassing thousands of pieces of print and broadcast coverage, GGPR mounted a search for 12 very special women.

Our mission: to find a dozen real life beauties who would star in the first calendar.

Our task: to appeal to the members to put their images forward, and then run checks with the site to choose the 12 most popular women, according to hits on their profiles.

This was no easy undertaking, but the end result had the UK's very own Sun online stating 'Sexy calendar is out of this world'!

More coverage will follow as we speak to local media in the US, Hong Kong, Brazil, Denmark and the UK as well as many more countries, for all of our stunning calendar stars.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Fastest finger first

Never one to shy away from a bargain, the Geese's fingers will be clicking onto from 7am tomorrow (24th December) with up to 75% off hundreds of items. The sale includes popular kidswear and homeware as well as electrical goods.

Let the countdown begin.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Has anyone seen our Christmas presents?

Two days to go til Christmas and GGHQ is very delighted to see that our national survey for Access Self Storage has made its way in to O.K! Magazine online with more nationals and regionals set to follow!

Working with Access Self Storage, we revealed that 44% of the nation's parents forget where they hide their Christmas gifts. 43% of parents said their laughable gift-hiding skills often ended up in children finding their presents way before the big day.

If you are worried about where or how to hide your Christmas presents, then Helen Brennan from Access Self Storage gives these tips!

1. Take more time to think about where to hide presents; avoid under beds and under stairs.

2. Send yourself an email reminder of what you’ve put where!

3. Store presents above children’s eye level; keeping them up high up means they are less. likely to come across them whilst rummaging for something else.

4. If you’ve got lots of presents to hide, share a storage unit with family or friends.

Stan and Ollie Snow visit the O.K! Christmas Party!

It's been a crazy Christmas for Stan and Ollie Snow, the snowmen. As well as zooming up to Speke to unload a giant delivery of Go Go Hamsters, which went on sale on Monday, they've been out and about with two giant sacks fulls of gifts, spreading festive cheer to all! On Thursday, they popped in to the Daily and Sunday Mirror offices where they were greeted by the very lovely Dean Piper. At the Mirror, they got to mingle with Sarah Tetteh, Tom Bryant and the 3am ladies, whilst meeting everyone on 'The Ticket' and the fashion and news desks.

On Monday, they were lucky enough to be invited to the O.K! Magazine Christmas party at the Soho Sanctum, by none other than Mark Moody himself. Mr Moody arranged for all the Woolies' gifts that Stan and Ollie brought to be given to The Dream Factory, a charity for children with severe disabilities and terminal illnesses.

While they were at the party, Stan and Ollie got to mingle with Peter Andre, Sinitta and Chantelle Houghton, all of whom requested autographs, naturally!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Cluuking about on the web and the high street....

What have a millionaire rooster and two six foot snowmen got in common? All three are clients of Golden Goose PR...or at least, they are this month, whilst we escort them around the country as their publicists and agents!

Having returned from our trip to Kent with Stan and Ollie Snow (see recent blog!), GGPR was thrilled to hear that a new personality had joined our client rooster. Oops..we mean rosta. And this is none other than Cluuk, a Buff Orpington rooster which, under the entrepreneurial eye of internet business E-invesco is churning out free cash from his former master's estate at

Sound too good to be true? It really isn't. You don't have to register to play, you just visit and hit the 'click to win free cash' button. In an instant, you find out if you are cluucky. If you are, you receive your pay out through Paypal. If you aren't, you are given an immediate invitation to have another free go. The free goes, by the way, are infinite.

To draw attention to this fabulous game where everyone can be a winner, Remy escorted a five foot version of Cluuk to Oxford Street today and together, they dished out fivers, tenners, £20 notes and £50 notes to passers-by. You can imagine the excitement!

Meanwhile, back at the nest, we're suffering from a spot of Clicketycluukitis. We can't stop playing in the hope of becoming the first Cluuk millionaires. Felicity and Laura Lou have both won £5 already.

This time next year, Rodney....

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The beautiful and the damned

Golden Goose PR was very excited to see Remy Le Fevre on GMTV this morning, in his official new role as head of membership for

Remy gave beauty and style tips to GMTV reporter Rebecca Arnold, who had failed to be accepted on to the site. Personally, we think Rebecca is a beautiful woman but we have to say, her make-over, given with Remy's expert advice, makes her look stunning.

What do you think?

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Turning 100 with the 100 year olds

You'd think we were busy enough touring the country with Stan and Ollie Snow, but while one half of the Woolies team has been managing our celebrity snowman campaign, the other has been busy creating 8 x 100 birthdays.

Further to appealing for men and women turning 100 in November to come forward and share their celebrations with the Woolworths brand, eight families got in touch with us. Ishbel, Winnie, Isabella, Leonora, John and Rene were a few of them who sent photos and said they would love to have their party thrown by

Each received bags of pick n' mix for every guest, plus a personalised birthday cake complete with their own photo iced on, as well as party paraphernalia so all their friends and loved ones could have a good time.

All of them shared their memories of the past century with us. From buying their first dolls at the local Woolworths stores, to losing loved ones in the war.

It was a wonderful experience to speak to these special 100 year olds and help them celebrate, thanks to

Delivering a magical Christmas with

For Christmas 2009, Golden Goose PR has been busy managing two bumper-packed celebrity diaries....those of Stan and Ollie Snow, the two snowmen who star in the TV ads.

Stan and Ollie have accepted invitations to switch on Christmas lights in Kings Lynn and Portsmouth and they've even been asked to the O.K! Magazine Christmas Party. The most exciting event in their diary so far however has been driving their very own sleigh to Hawkhurst in Kent, where they visited the home of Debbie and David Weeks.

Debbie and David have four children, eight cats and a big reason to celebrate this Christmas - they've found a miracle cure called the 'Lightning Treatment' that has helped two of their daughters overcome M.E. When Stan and Ollie heard this news, they wanted to make a personal visit with a sack full of presents, all chosen from Debbie's wishlist that she emailed to the site.

It was Golden Goose PR's pleasure to personally escort Stan and Ollie on their mission in a rather large transit van.

From visiting the Weeks family, we whisked our snowmen on to Maidstone to visit the children's ward of Maidstone Hospital with armfuls of toys packed in to Woolies' despatch sacks.

It was a very full, but very rewarding day with a great deal of attention from the local media in Kent. Stan and Ollie are now resting for a few days before they embark on further guest star appearances across the country next week!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Celebrating women in business at the inaugural Red's Hot Women Awards

It's been quite a month for celebrations at Golden Goose PR. Two weeks ago, we were recognising the remarkable bravery of women battling breast cancer at the Samsung Pink Ribbon High Tea and here we are, at the start of November, celebrating the achievements of some of Britain's most inspiring women in business.

The occassion is the inaugural Red's Hot Women Awards in association with euphoria Calvin Klein. And who are we here with? None other than Sarah Brown, the wife of PM Gordon Brown, Jools Oliver, Jo Whiley, Camilla Rutherford, Joanna Page, Faye Ripley and some truly impressive female entrepreneurs. The women we admire the most, from Natalie Massenet, the founder of Net-a-Porter, to Carrie Longton and Justine Roberts who created the hugely succesful Mumsnet are at Altitude 360, picking up a very lovely Red's Hot Women plaque. Ethical businesses, city success and international achievements were all recognised and we lined up some brilliant press guests, from the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail to Closer Magazine, the Sunday Mirror, the Evening Standard and The Independent to witness their success.

Already, coverage has been secured in all of those titles, plus the Daily Express and The London Lite, with the Sundays and the showbiz magazines lined up for the weekend and Tuesday.

We wonder if we can enter in the media category next year? Having said that, this year's winner, Katherine Viner of The Guardian, would be very hard to beat!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009 morning after!

The world's biggest network of beautiful people has now been live for 24 hours and the site has been getting 3 million plus hits an hour! The volume of new members has gone through the roof.

PR continues to be a huge success. is the second highest search on today and is prominently featured on Yahoo, and Reuters. On Sunday, The Times in India has confirmed a feature on the site in their hugely popular lifestyle magazine.

Monday, 26 October 2009 goes global!

Today, goes global - becoming the biggest network of beautiful people in the world - and Golden Goose PR is running the global press office.

To say that our phones haven't stopped ringing is a bit of an understatement! A pre-launch global exclusive ran as a full page in the Sunday Times yesterday, and today we've had some brilliant coverage in the Daily Mail, the and the as well as media interviews with BBC 2's Chris Evans Show, Talk Radio, 7 Days in Dubai, La Gazette in Berlin, Radio WM and live debate on Loose Women.

Tomorrow, Greg Hodge, MD and Robert Hintze, site creator, appear live on Belgian TV News and on Wednesday, their interview with the Arabian News network will reach 50 million people on the other side of the world.

The interest in continues to be phenomenal, with coverage for the global launch already eclipsing the UK and US launches managed by GGPR in 2005. Watch this beautiful space for more head turning media hype....!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Six days til Halloween...

Six days to go til Halloween...and if you haven't ordered your fancy dress outfit you may want to visit and purchase a cheeky little Bridezilla number. We have one in the office and it has been a particular favourite...we also discovered that The Sun and The Independent rather liked it!

And of course we had to pop up at the pop-up...

If you've been following our pink ribbon activity with Samsung, then you'll know it didn't all end with our high tea at the Westfield London.

For three days after the event, Samsung and Inca Productions kept the pink ribbon spirit alive with a pop-up garden and information centre devoted to breast cancer care inside the atrium of the Westfield.

Samsung pink ribbon netbooks were wired up in the garden with breast cancer experts ready to walk women through the pink ribbon community that had been created by Samsung online. Basketfuls of pink ribbon presents were given to visitors to choose from when they made donations and pledges and everyone was served free flower teas and cakes.

An example of a pink ribbon pledge is pictured above. It's not just about fundraising, it's about helping to spread the word. Back at Golden Goose HQ, we've been busy doing exactly that. Laura Wood posted pink postcards to all of her friends asking them to check their breasts and Miki Haines-Sanger wrote all of her emails in pink on October 15th. Between Laura Hind, Felicity, Remy, Katie and our other ever enthusiastic team members there were gestures of pink underwear wearing, pink cake baking, pink lipgloss wearing and pink ribbon marathon participation but we'll let you guess who opted to do what!

Painting the Westfield Pink with Samsung

We've barely had a moment to blog since the 15th of October, when Golden Goose PR supported Samsung at its very first European Breast Cancer Awareness Day.
The day was a celebration of 10 months of fund and awareness raising by Samsung Electronics for European breast cancer charities - with a total of $2m being presented to a host of European Breast Cancer organisations by Samsung Electronics Europe president and CEO, Mr S H Shin.

To create a magical setting for the occasion, Golden Goose PR worked with Inca productions who made all of our visions a reality. The idea we had hatched with the Samsung team in April was to throw a garden themed afternoon tea; with trees, birdsong and pink pledge ribbons tied round tall branches. Inca made all of this happen in a truly wonderful way and through their relationship with the Westfield London, we found the perfect venue - not only for the celebrity and media high tea, but for a Samsung Pink Ribbon Pop-Up to open to the public for three days after the event.

When the day came round, it felt a bit like a wedding. We'd poured over every detail of media, celebrity, PR and event planning. Pre-event pieces appeared that morning in the Daily Telegraph and the Evening Standard, featuring images of Katherine Jenkins, who was singing at the party and Maria Cesay, one of the eight British women who star in Samsung's breast cancer awareness campaign called 'Everybody's Doing It'. Everybody was buzzing with excitement and anticipation and our phones hadn't stopped ringing with agents asking to add last minute attendees.

As the event started, we were delighted to be able to welcome many high profile breast cancer charity supporters; including Beverley Knight, Jamelia, Camilla Rutherford, Tina Hobley, Olivia Grant, Vanessa Feltz and Caroline Monk. Sky tv presenter Caroline Feraday pledged her time for free to host the high tea and Tina, Camilla and Jamelia came with their young daughters. The atmosphere of giving and sharing at the occassion was like no other.

Backstage, the buzz was just as brilliant as the event itself. Multi media entertainment whizzes t5m were on site to interview our guests about their support of breast cancer initiatives, as was major terrestrial broadcaster, ITV. James and Antonio from JAB captured the most exciting party pics and the ever lovely Richard Young came along to give his support and to shoot the stars.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Making Pink Ribbon history with Samsung in Piccadilly Circus

On Monday the 5th of October, Golden Goose PR shared a moment of advertising history with some remarkable women and Samsung. As part our breast cancer awareness campaign, Samsung had arranged to donate its Piccadilly Circus big screen to show Everybody's Doing It, a brilliant and moving viral featuring eight British women whose lives have been affected by breast cancer.

Four of the ladies in the viral came to meet us under the statue of Eros. They included Amanda Jones, 67, who lost her 33 year old daughter Rebecca to breast cancer; Wendy Evans-Scott, 46, who has successfully recovered from the disease; Emily Holt, 29, who was diagnosed in 2008 and Maria Cesay, 32, who has breast cancer in her family.

At 11am, shielding themselves with pink umbrellas from a curtain of torrential rain, Amanda, Wendy, Emily and Maria braved a 40 minute photocall. Our skilled photographer battled against the elements to capture a series of happy shots that we syndicated to the national press.

As the pictures were taken, LBC and Capital Radio waited patiently under shelter to interview the four women. A later telephone interview was arranged with London's Smooth FM. The PA gave us some great support spreading the word further and we got some lively news plugs on Magic Radio and Heart.

With GMTV mentioning the news that Samsung's breast cancer campaign was making history in Piccadilly Circus and a double page that morning in the Daily Mirror with Emily, Amanda and Lara, the day really couldn't have gone better. But what really made it special was seeing the women in Samsung's video broadcasting their message to London in 60 inch technicolour. So many people stopped, looked up and took in their message. It's been a real privilege to be part of a campaign that has spread breast cancer awareness in such an effective and memorable way.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

BBC Breakfast given access to all areas!

Since we placed a piece in the Sunday Times, regarding how storage is now being used as an extension to the home, the phones have not stopped ringing for GGPR client Access Self Storage.

For the last couple of weeks our storage team have been pulling out all the stops to satisfy the needs of BBC breakfast news; providing stats, facts, options, comment and case studies.

Aideen Donoghue is a 23 year old dancer who bends and stretches for up to four hours a day, in her 75 sq ft unit and ‘couch-surfer’, Ria Thomas, uses her 10sq ft unit as a wardrobe...complete with wardrobe boxes that you are able to hang your clothes in!

The result: a three-minute segment on this morning’s BBC Breakfast show, featuring two of GGPR’s storage case studies and the highest amount of brand visibility against their competitors, for Access Self Storage. At this rate Golden Goose will have to hire a 100sq ft unit to store all the coverage.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Getting everybody doing it

For the second year in a row, Golden Goose PR is delighted to be working with Samsung on its pan-European breast cancer initiative. This year, the campaign is called 'Everybody's Doing It' - an online campaign and viral featuring eight inspiring women whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. The behind-the-scenes video which reveals the stories of these women is incredibly moving and we wanted to share it with you:
To watch the viral and spread the word to get women checking and being breast aware, visit All of our activity is leading towards Samsung's European Breast Cancer Awareness Day on the 15th of October 2009. On this date, Golden Goose PR and Samsung will be joining forces to create a magical pop-up garden at London's Westfield shopping centre, with an invitation-only high tea with guests including the stars of the viral and many well known women who champion this cause. Through our PR activity and the spread of the viral, Samsung is hoping to reach over 400,000 women across Europe - more than the number who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. For further information please contact

Monday, 24 August 2009

A NuBeginning for two boost-needing geese

Following a busy week securing some weighty pieces of coverage for our client, Access Self Storage (our Sunday Times piece led to coverage opportunities on Channel 5, ITV London and also in the Daily Mail), we decided it was time for a re-energising retreat. Two of the geese from the Access team were the lucky ones to be sent on a restorative adventure. Our mission: to get up close and personal with the newest addition to the Golden Goose PR health and fitness division, NuBeginnings.

A 5am start and 250 mile drive later, Laura Hind and Remy Le Fevre arrived at a 19th century Victorian mansion, set in beautiful Devonshire countryside and home to Nubeginnings; the detox, weight loss and wellbeing retreat that prides itself on changing the lives and bodies of its guests.

Created by expert mind mentor, Victoria Wills, Remy and Laura were in for a two day detox complete with extremely nutritious, organic, Devonshire home-reared meals; yoga, Pilates, hawk walks, hikes, circuit training, boxercise, hypnotherapy, NLP, deep tissue massage and a series of educational lectures - from the benefits of essential oils to designing your own fitness programme. A challenging affair to say the least, made easier in the encompassing rural scenery, complete with luxurious accommodation and chemical-free spa treats that the UK’s first boutique boot camp has to offer.

The experience was found to be uplifting and extremely enjoyable...if not a little exhausting. The exercise regime was intense – as you’d expect from the retreat that averages a weight loss of 8-10lbs from its guests. The fresh, organic food was tasty and purifying and the beds were divine; not even a blackberry could wake the geese from their slumber on this occasion.

On returning to the big smoke, Remy and Laura were euphoric and slim - if not a little aching - and raving about their experience to all their press contacts, with prospective press visits gained from The Press Association, Sunday Times Style, Now, The London Magazine, Greenmystyle, Psychologies, and Country Life. GGPR has also secured future coverage in Health and fitness, Reveal, Stylebible, reFRESH and the Times online.

This was an extremely promising start to one of our newest accouns...and on a personal level a much needed boost of minds, bodies and spirits that we couldn't recommend enough.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Counting down to the Woolies preview...

It's 1.21am and the Golden Goose PR, Inca Productions, Brooklyn Brothers and Woolies teams have finished unloading, unpacking and getting their yellow plastic ducks in a row for the grand press preview of It's about nine and a half hours til guests arrive, and every lucky invitee is in for a treat. Not only is the site looking fantastic (we'd tell you more, but it's all still a secret) but the goody bags we've just been stuffing are definitely the best we've seen. Some of these shots show you the event build and the creation of the on-site press point...the rest will be revealed on the 25th of June!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Bloomin' Lovely

With Glastonbury high on the PR agenda this week, it is with great excitement that GGPR secured a lovely mention for Baldwins Echinacea Extract in Sunday Times Style. And the day before, our designer wallpaper client, Bloom Papers, made it in to the Saturday Times Magazine complete with a shot of its beautiful frame collection.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Chinawhite at the Cartier International

You know summer is here when planning for the Cartier International Polo gets underway. For the third year running, Golden Goose PR will be supporting the Chinawhite enclosure at this prestigious event. The team wanted to ensure that they were on top of their game and so popped to Ascot Park Polo Club for a refresher lesson to ensure they can really get into the swing of things.

This year Argentina plays England for The Coronation Cup. Following a spectacular lunch in the Chinawhite enclosure, the evenings entertainment will be provided by DJ Jade Jagger (and Jezabel Soundsystem) and Ibiza stalwart Rob Marmont. Tickets are limited for the 2009 event and are available to members of Chinawhite, Quintessentially, TLC and those proposed by the Chinawhite at The Cartier International Polo Membership Committee. For more information please go to

Chinawhite at the Cartier International

Date: Sunday 26th July, gates open at 10am, Chinawhite enclosure gates open 12.00 noon

Venue: Smiths Lawn, Guards Polo Club, Windsor Great Park

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Golden Goose PR appointed by Woolworths ahead of summer launch

Golden Goose PR was delighted to be appointed by Woolworths ahead of its launch online this summer. For more news log onto

You can also catch up with the brand on Twitter @team_woolies or on facebook

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Blow The Budget

On the 22nd of April 2009 there were three topics on the media's lips. The Budget. Earth Day. And the launch of the World's Most Expensive Suit. We weren't responsible for Alistair Darling's financial re-jiggery, or a global campaign for environmental responsibilty. But Golden Goose PR was behind the reams upon reams of print, broadcast and online coverage as we counted down to the launch of Alexander Amosu's bespoke luxury suit line.

Our campaign, which had been building up for weeks, involved Lauras Wood and Hind accompanying an armoured Range Rover across the capital on a highly coordinated secret press junket. First stop was CNN, where The Suit (modelled by Alexander Prinz) was paraded and adored. Next stop was BBC Breakfast News, where similar adulation followed (no blue M&M's in non-white dressing rooms for this garment, we can tell you). After its first two broadcast items, The Suit spent a few brief moments with Forbes Magazine, ABC News and The New York Post before heading to its launch party at Apsley tailors of Pall Mall.

Golden Goose PR would like to thank The Telegraph, The Sun, The London Lite, The New York Post, the BBC and numerous radio stations for some truly brilliant coverage - and excitingly, there is much more to come.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Let Them Eat Sushi

Golden Goose PR only had a few hours to offer with Richard Notar, the managing partner at Nobu restaurants worldwide two weeks ago - but we put it to exceptional use and set up a lunch with the Daily Telegraph. The meeting was at Nobu London, where Richard talked about the future for Nobu restaurants and the industry as a whole...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A nod and a link....

Well, it's after midday on the 1st of April, so we can finally reveal our April Fool's prank, created in cahoots with our client, Virgin Active!

Being barking mad for both animals and exercise, the teams at Golden Goose PR and Virgin Active agreed that a timely April 1st story could be the launch of ‘Animal Active’, the UK’s first pet-only gym. Combating animal obesity, this special Animal Active gym would encourage chunky pets to work out on treadmills, lose pounds on paw-plates and even lift a few heavy chum-bells. In reality, although there will be no Animal Active gym in the near future, the release did in fact give some really helpful and responsible tips to animal owners wishing to check if their pet is overweight, along with preventative measures.

Our plan was to generate some stand out pictures, plus some action shots, a release outlining the plans, a quote from Sir Richard and some tips on how to spot if your pet is overweight. We also knew that video would be key to our wipeout online strategy and so set to work on a cheeky viral too. This combination proved a winning formula and we are really grateful to our friends at Fox News, ABC America, The Sun Online, The Telegraph Online, The Times Online, Metro Online, Yahoo, Closer Magazine Online, Glam Media, The Mirror Online, t5m and last but not least, for playing along – and we hope that even though this was a spoof, a few more of our four legged friends might get some exercise this week off the back of the story.