Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Fucking good coverage

It would seem that the editors at The Telegraph are a little on the prudish side when it comes to rude words, not once but three times was FUCK omitted from the City Diary when they were talking about one of the latest evenings scheduled in at Chinawhite. Not even worthy of expletives, it would appear that the celeb hosted night was drawing blanks (four in fact) from either a red faced Jonathan Russell who wrote the piece or a nervous sub-editor with a big red pen, whilst City AM was a little more risqué only limiting themselves to ‘F*ck’.

Nevertheless, it was another great piece of pre-hype coverage, targeted at those who have both the money and the time to kick up their heels and say “Fuck the Credit Crunch!”, while this blog entry gave us Geese the chance let those missing three words see the light of say.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

MOOB Madness

Golden Goose PR headed out onto the streets of Britain with Virgin Active this week Virgin Active to conduct their Moob shopper demonstrations to raise awareness of obesity and to encourage the British public to get in shape. Highlighting the bits we all love to hate including bingo wings, jelly belly and muffin top and with the slogan ‘Love your good bits, lose your bad bits’, the campaign aims to incentivise people to start exercising and get body fit.

A dedicated team of ‘Moob’ men paraded around London and through Birmingham and Manchester city centres in their bras to draw attention to the rise of man boobs within the UK male population and the latest Virgin Active campaign which encourages people to remedy their unwanted shapes through exercise. Fitness professionals were on hand to answer any exercise related questions. Spot our Account Manager Lauralou behind her placard at the burger van (not buying a burger though obviously!)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Making Friends

Golden Geese, Miki and John headed off to Kensington Olympia for the official unveiling of their latest client; Scarlett & Crimson, at Brand Licensing Europe 2008.

Scarlett & Crimson are the best of friends and rock-chic kids of the “Juno Generation” who are set to be the hottest thing in 2009 as they’re discovered by tweens and adults alike. Coolabi is the company spearheading their world-wide domination ahead of the first in a series of books by Simon & Schuster, which will be out next summer – they’ve also got some secret Scarlett & Crimson designer collaborations in the pipeline too.

Scarlett & Crimson weren’t the only ones we bumped into at the event, in fact we had to fight our way through hoards of ninja turtles, ballet dancing mice, wannabe geese, inflated humans and a chirpy builder before Miki’s dream came true, she finally met Scooby Doo!