Thursday, 16 December 2010


It's not every day that you get to set a Guinness World Record, but this December, it's exactly what we've done!

Golden Goose PR client created the enormous parcel and filled it with the top toys for Christmas 2010. And the very last toy to be unwrapped was...JEDWARD! Dressed as Buzz Lightyear!

Yes, the crazy pop twins catapulted to fame through X Factor were the celebrity surprise hidden within the very last layer of the parcel.

Jedward - otherwise known as John and Edward Grimes - were a pleasure to work with and behind the scenes we really couldn't stop them from eating their weight in Woolies' pic n' mix. Fans take note - Cola Bottles are their favourite!

We'd like to thank Jedward, the hilarious Woolies snowmen, Stan and Ollie and all ten towns that we stopped at for taking part and for being great sports.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Not even the snow will stop us!

One week in to our road trip and the country has come to a standstill with blankets of snow! But that isn't stopping our Woolies' road trip team, who are touring the country with the largest ever pass the parcel!

Freezing conditions have been doing their best to hamper our journey, but we've made it to our first four destinations - Liverpool, Aberaeron in Wales, Dudley and Littlehampton, bringing presents, pic n’ mix and festive cheer to so many families. The bitter weather has meant that we have had to divert our journey from Ashford to Buckinghamshire today. Because we hadn't planned to stop in Buckhinghamshire, we literally spotted and surprised a local family whilst passing through their town and parked up by their house to let their little girl, Abi, be the fifth person to tear one giant layer off our record breaking parcel. The surprise was a really wonderful moment; this sort of thing is what the magic of Woolies is all about.

Stan and Ollie, Woolies' playful snowmen, were delighted to give Abi such a happy Christmas surprise.

We're continuing our drive further north tonight, heading to Leeds, weather permitting!