Friday, 7 May 2010

Elephants on Parade

At the start of May, 260 model elephants took to the streets as part of London’s Elephant Parade. Each is the size of a real life baby elephant, glittering with the decorative genius of the UK's leading creative talent.

This fantastical scheme is the brainchild of The Elephant Family, a charity that works towards the conservation of Asian elephants. Each colourful creature has been sponsored and will be auctioned at Sotheby’s on 30th June.

Golden Goose PR client, the Royal Exchange is host to four such magical beasts, created by Cartier, Sir. Paul Smith, Tarun Tahiliani and London-born artist, Benjamin Shine.

Benjamin's Taxi Elephant is set to be the object of a fierce bidding battle and the Royal Exchange has employed a 24-hour guard to deter potential ellie-nappers. The sleek black elephant is powered by a solar cell so that the taxi sign lights up at night and its eyes are transformed into headlamps!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Go Go Goose

So after five months of pounding her local pavements and a last minute massage on some worryingly tight hamstrings, Golden Goose PR’s most active member of staff Laura Lou Hind found herself standing at the starting line of the 30th London Marathon.

After getting her breath back she remarked; “I had heard people rave about what an amazing experience taking part in the marathon is but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of friendly camaraderie and support I received as one of 35,000 runners (omitting poor Gordon Ramsay who had to pull out at 20 miles!!). Seeing my friends and family at various points (19 miles being my ‘wall’) made it even more worthwhile as did the £700 I knew I was raising for my chosen charity the Blue Cross! Definitely one of the most incredible things I have ever done... bring on the Marathon Des Sables!”

A golden egg

Free range Goose Laura Wood has been busy keeping watch on Doris the duck who has been nesting happily by the back door of her home for the past six weeks.

Unfortunately however Mr Fox paid a visit last night and after much commotion headed off with all but one duckling. With Doris (Snr) nowhere to be found and a weeny Doris (Jnr) getting cold after a good half hour left in the nest Laura took the advice of a duck expert and brought the duckling inside. A heat lamp was borrowed and Doris (Jnr) was tucked up for the night in the kitchen.

The following morning Laura was met by a very happy, warm duckling who she carefully placed back in her nest in the hope that Doris (Snr) would return. As soon as she'd turned her back, Doris (Jnr) was in the pond and was soon reunited with not just Mum Doris (Snr) but Dad duck, Doug!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sugar coated tweets

Today at Goose HQ we got the thumbs up from our friends at T4 Towers! On hearing that that team T4’s computers had crashed we thought the only way to cheer them up would be with a lovely bag or two of Pic n’ Mix. It obviously went down well with the team as their tens of thousands of Twitter followers were inundated with pictures of the team enjoying the sugary treats or should we say “sugary tweets” throughout the afternoon!