Saturday, 21 December 2013

I Promise - a huge hit for Christmas

Golden Goose PR prides ourselves on our creative Christmas cards.

Over the years we've appeared as the cast of the Golden Goose pantomime, or written notes attached to goose-shaped baubles.

This year, we posted our closest press friends a case of I Promises, created through our client I Promise.

I Promise is all about sending thoughts, not things - so you can visit the site and personalise promises or choose from popular suggestions, including 'I Promise To Help With The Turkey This Christmas', and 'I Promise We'll Escape for New Year'.

At GGHQ we'd definitely like to hear those promises! And perhaps 'I Promise a shopping spree on my credit card in Harvey Nicks.'

Here's what we sent...

And what a brilliant response we got!

Metro's Vicki Marie Cossar wrote to us to say 'we get a lot of Xmas cards but the one from GG was by far the best. Inventive and interesting. Loved it.So thanks. And Happy Xmas to you all too.'

Equally impressed were Kelly Allen from Star, Laura Cox from the Daily Mail and Amy Nickell from Yahoo! who wrote I LOVE THIS CARD!!!

Here's how beautiful I Promise can look as a Christmas gift...especially lovely when accompanied by a cup of coffee on a wintry morning. Husbands and partners, please take our hint...only £9.95 for three including postage!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Christmas angel for Kivu

A huge thank you to Katie Melua, who has given her time to support ethical fashion, taking part in a photoshoot for Kivu.

Katie modelled Kivu scarves created by Avis Charles, who has worked as a couturier to Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Kane and Victoria Beckham to name but a few

Kivu is an ethical, luxury fashion brand that is truly beautiful inside and out.

The profits raised from the sale of Kivu scarves and couture go to support women in countries devastated by conflict.

For spring/summer 2014, Kivu scarves, sold at Browns on South Molton Street, draw their design inspiration from the deconstructed pavements of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The print is based on the pavements in Sarajevo where mortar bombs landed during the war and left the streets scarred, with marks filled in with red resin that are still there today, called A Sarejevo Rose.

Bosnia is where Women for Women International started 20 years ago and this collection marks two decades of work.

Avis Charles said: “For us, Kivu is not just about purchasing stunning clothing; it is a commitment to making an impact. Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are not simply vague aspirations – nor are they an ‘add-on’ to the line; they lie at the very heart of the brand and all that it stands for.”

From £265, from and Browns, South Molton Street, W1.

It's A Wrap for Christmas!

A perfect start to Christmas. Tree decorated, fridge full of festive fancies. And now, gifts wrapped in Wrag Wrap, our client's luxury, sustainable, beautiful wrap that is made from recycled plastic bottles - with an infinite lifespan and no need for scissors or tape!

We took Nicky Rajska, co-founder of Wrag Wrap, to Bloomberg this morning to show the team how to wrap gifts in a stunning and ethical way.

We're proud to have Wrag Wrap under our trees this Christmas.

Watch Nicky here.

And take a look at this beautiful Christmas shoot by Carrie, from FromConfinedSpace, featuring Wrag Wrap and many other ethical luxuries.